Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Garment Decoration with LaserFlex Film

What is LaserFlex? 
LaserFlex is a high quality, multi-layered film that has been specifically designed for laser processing. Decorate textiles with designs of your choice, including screen printing like logos and lettering. Save time and money: There is no need to vectorize your data or for time-consuming weeding. Simply reverse engrave off the top layer of the film and your design is ready to be heat pressed. Create designs that would be impossible to achieve with a cutting plotter.

Creating the Graphic 
With LaserFlex film you can create intricate designs and many details within a remarkably short time. You can use both types of graphics, i.e. pixel-based graphics as well as vector data. By pre-rastering your gray levels, impressive hatch areas details can be produced, which cannot be created with conventional cutting plotters.

Tips and Tricks for Laser Processing 
Optimal laser settings vary depending on the laser power level and the speed of your laser. We recommend processing from the bottom up while using the highest possible exhaust power level. This way any dust produced is not drawn across the already processed area.

How to Apply LaserFlex to Your Textiles 
After processing, simply apply the finished laser film to the textile with a standard heat press. This guarantees an efficient, uniform and permanent application of the film.

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