Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Printing to a Trotec Laser from AutoCAD

Send your AutoCAD data to your Trotec laser machine with this step-by-step guide.

Step 1: Set line weight and color

Use RGB colors (the same as in the JobControl® material database). For Trotec Lasers cutting line must be 0.001 mm - in AutoCAD 0.00 mm

Step 2: Printer Settings

Click on the printing symbol and the printer dialog window will open. Choose plotter "Trotec Engraver v. xx.x.x" and click on "Properties...". Click on "Custom Properties" in the Plotter Configuration Editor.

Step 3: Set the laser parameters:

  1. Set the size (width and height must be higher than the graphic size)
  2. Mark "Minimize to Jobsize" if you want to print the graphic without any blank area.
  3. Click the JobControl® logo button to print
The Plotter Configuration Editor will appear, click on "OK" to proceed.
  1. Create a temporary PC3 file to apply to this plot only: The printer configuration will be saved only for this print.
  2. Save changes to the following file: The printer configuration can be saved to use it the next time again. Click on "OK" to proceed.

Step 4: Plot area settings

  1. Choose the plot area: 
    • Display: The actual visible area is getting printed. 
    • Extents: All graphics getting printed.
    • Window: Choose the area that will be printed.
  2. Remember the plot scale 1:1
  3. Center the plot if necessary
  4. To send the job data to JobControl® click OK
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