Thursday, December 4, 2014

Laser Kiss Cut Sticker Labels

Laser kiss cutting allows you to cut the top layer of a material without cutting through an attached material like an adhesive backing, like stickers for example. By using a laser, operators can engrave, kiss cut, perforate, and cut through all in one easy process. Making laser's a flexible, cost saving, and time effective solution.

​Follow some basic recommendations to receive the best result:

Table: Use a vacuum table and acrylic cutting table. All parts not covered by the sheets should be covered with paper and/or tape for best results.

Focus: First switch on the vacuum and focus afterwards.

Engraving Direction: Engrave from bottom to top. This ensures that the core will not be colored by the removed layer above.

The Right Material - Flexible & Resistant

LaserLIGHTS by Rowmark is a durable 2-ply acrylic foil with an adhesive backing that perfectly suits this kiss cut application. The very thin top layer allows fast and precise engraving. The self-adhesive foil bonds very well to metals, plastics, rubbers, woods & foams, which makes it the perfect material for many applications.

LaserLIGHTS has excellent exterior properties and is resistant to water, solvents, abrasion, and extreme temperatures. Typical applications include nameplates, labeling of awards and trophies, warning signs, promotional labeling, electronics, appliances, recreational vehicles, computers and packaging.

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