Thursday, January 30, 2014

New Version of JobControl X – Windows 8 Support

Windows 8 Support 

The newest version of the most user-friendly and powerful laser software on the market, JobControl 10.2, is now Windows 8 compatible. With this release, Trotec is supporting the laser user in the best possible way to be more profitable.




Enhanced Printer Driver Performance 

All versions of JobControl optimizes your workflow with top engraving quality and speed. With this update, printer driver bitmap performance has been improved, this means your jobs are sent faster to the laser machine.

With the Photo Optimization feature, you no longer need additional software to enhance your bitmaps and photographs, JobControl 10.2 now does it in one click.

For more information on Trotec's JobControl and how this truly unique laser software can improve your production output, quality, and your return on investment, check out our website for more details on JobControl laser software.


Features for Optimized Engraving Quality 

When JobControl was in introduced 12 years ago, the Correction Value function was implemented to guarantee precise laser power control for vector cutting. Now this feature has been expanded to support engraving jobs.  Guaranteeing Trotec users will always get the perfect cut, mark, and engrave... Even on the most precise and detailed jobs!

JobControl 10.2 is now shipping with all new laser systems.  Current Trotec Speedy users with JobControl 9 can purchase an upgrade to JobControl 10 later this year.

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