Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Do-it-Yourself Fridge Magnets

Create fridge magnets with our instructions and laser cutting template!
Required material:
Use LaserMag laminate or a printed polyester with a magnetic film on the backside

Suitable machines:
Speedy 300, Speedy 400, Speedy 500

Used Trotec laser:
Speedy 300, 60 watts

Use the 2" lens

Unfocus slightly for an even engraving result

Don't cut through the laminate, only process a kiss-cut.

Magnets made from LaserMag laminate:
Open the CorelDraw file (for download click here) and send it to the laser for engraving and cutting the magnets. The laser parameters may vary, as they depend on the machine used and the available laser power.

Recommended laser parameters:
Black (engraving): power 50 %, speed 80 %, frequency 500 Hz, Air Assist on
Red (cutting): power 45 %, speed 1 %, frequency 1000 ppi, Air Assist on

Magnets made from printed film (i-cut necessary):
For preparing the printed film, use the graphic design file (for download click here). The graphic already includes the register marks for the i-cut laser software. Now open the cutting file (for download click here) in the i-cut software and send it to the laser to start the cutting process

Recommended laser parameters:
Red (cutting): power 17 %, speed 3000 mm / min, frequency 1000

Now Enjoy Your New Magnets!


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