Thursday, December 13, 2012

How to Print from Adobe Illustrator

Easy Workflow:
One of the most frequently asked questions is “Do I need to print from CorelDraw® or can I work with my preferred graphic program?”

JobControl is compatible with all graphic programs! Today, we are going to break down the workflow for Adobe Illustrator®.

Getting Started: Three Things to Remember
  • When creating a new document, please use a basic RGB document.
  • When opening an existing document, make sure, that in File - Document Color Mode “RGB Color” is activated. This ensures that the colors are interpreted correctly.
  • For cutting lines, define line color RGB 255/0/0 and line width of 0.001 mm or 0.003 pt.

Print Setup: Done Within a Few Clicks

  1. Go to “File – Print”: The Print dialog box of Illustrator shows up. Additional information for users of Adobe Indesign: In the InDesign Print dialog box select “Output” and activate Color “Composite RGB”. Like this, the printer interprets colors correctly.
  2. Click on "Setup": A Print Setup Dialog Box notification will pop up.
  3. Click on "Continue": This will launch the Print Setup Dialog Box.
  4. Select the Trotec Printer and Click on "Preferences": This will launch Trotec's printing preferences.
  5.  Adjust the size, material, and process settings as necessary. Then Click on "OK" to save and close Trotec's printing preferences.
  6. Click on "Print": in the Print Setup Dialog Box of the operating system.
  7. Click on "Print": in the Print dialog box of Illustrator. The job is transferred to JobControl. Pull your artwork from the Job Queue to the Job Plate.   

To check the cutting lines turn on “WYSIWYG” (What You See Is What You Get”) and check the color of the cut line. The color will be pure RGB red.


  1. Great post with nice details. Can i use any laser printer for Plastic card printing purpose?

  2. You would be able to use our laser systems to engrave on and/or cut the business cards. If you would like more details please provide your city/state and phone number and we'll have a local representative call you.