Thursday, December 27, 2012

How to Create Multi Layer Sign

One Sign, Four Layers:

Using your laser to both engrave and cut creates unique and a detailed multi-layer technique and dimensional lettering.... Try this with the use of LEDs to backlight your sign and put the sign in the best perspective!

Materials Needed:

Acrylics and Laminates / Engravable Plastics

(we used 3 mm, 6 mm and 10 mm Acrylics)


Machines Possible:

Speedy 300, Speedy 400, Speedy 500

(we used the Speedy 300 60W)

How To:

Open the file "Multi-layer-sign" in your graphics software, then send it to the laser.

Settings for speed and laser power may vary depending on the machine used.

Black (engraving)
Power: 35 %, Speed: 70 %, Resolution: 600 dpi, air assist on

Red (cutting)

3 mm Acrylics
Power: 100 %, Speed 0,75 %, Frequency 5000 Hz, air assist on

6 mm Acrylics
Vector engraving Power: 10 %, Speed 1 %, Frequency 2000 Hz, air assist on
Cutting: Power: 100 %, Speed 0,25 %, Frequency 8000 Hz, Z-offset -1 mm, air assist on

10 mm Acrylics
Cutting: Power: 100 %, Speed 0,1 %, Frequency 8000 Hz, Z-offset -3 mm, air assist on


Use reverse engraving to protect your materials from dust and keep them clean.

Use the 2 inch lens for engraving the laminate and for cutting 3 mm acrylics and the 2.5 inch lens for cutting acrylics of 6 or 10 mm.

A good exhaust is very important for perfect cutting results when cutting acrylics.

Prepare the layers with double-sided adhesive tape, then the assembling only takes some minutes.

Help yourself: Engraving the base plate and the laminate helps for the correct positioning.

Mounting a top layer on the 10 mm acrylics creates a visual multidimensional effect.

Be creative! Post your sign ideas on our Facebook Page!

Download the file for the multi-layered sign shown!

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