Thursday, October 4, 2012

How to Extend the Lifetime of Your Exhaust

The following three easy steps will help you extend the lifetime of your exhaust system and guarantee optimum performance for years to come.

Check Filter Mat for Cooling Air
This will ensure the constant cooling airflow and extend the lifetime of your turbine.

In the Atmos Mono, Atmos Mono Plus, and Atmos Duo Plus series the filter mat is situated on the bottom of the exhaust system.

In the Atmos Compact the filter mat is situated on the inside right.

When opening use an 8 mm wrench to open the two screws and remember to unplug the exhaust system before opening.

Check the Filter Saturation
On the display of your exhaust system the value "filter" shows how saturated the particle filter already is. The higher the filter saturation, the higher the resistance for the air flow, a new filter leads to less resistance. Your Atmos model is going to adjust the airflow automatically over the entire lifetime of the filter. Once the value reaches 100%, please make sure to change the filter in order to maintain perfect cutting and engraving quality.

Use a Pre-Filter Mat
You may want to extend the lifetime of your Atmos Comfort Box. This can be done by placing a pre-filter mat into the frame on top of the Atmos Comfort Box. The filter mat will remove coarse dust. Only fine dust will get through the Atmos Comfort Box. Please make sure to check and replace the pre-filter mat regularly to ensure a consistent airflow.

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