Thursday, August 9, 2012

Education Station: The NBM Show

Visit us in Long Beach, California at The NBM Show. We've expanded our booth and are participating in the Education Station program.

Stop by and take a seat to experience a valuable hands-on and free educational experience. Each session is jammed pack with valuable laser know-how, tips n' tricks, and application samples... All geared to help you build your business!

Laser Engraving 101: 
Basic Laser Engraving Techniques
Mubarak Akram
Thur & Fri at 11:30 AM
Saturday at 2:00 PM
Laser engraving systems are a very versatile tool for any engraving shop. Laser systems can replace other technologies to help streamline production of existing products as well as offer engraving shops the flexibility to expand their current product lines and services to become a one-stop shop for all of their customer’s engraving needs. Join Mubarak as he demonstrates how to laser process materials commonly used everyday in engraving shops across the country. Learn what materials lasers can process and how this translates into profit, basic tips and tricks on how to achieve high quality engraving, and how to optimize production times on some of the most common laser applications.

Signs with a Flare:
How 2 Create Multi-Material Signage with your Laser
Josh Stephens
Thur & Sat at 1:00 PM
Fri at 2:00 PM

Creating beautiful and unique signage that stands out from the rest has never been easier. Your imagination is the limit. Join Josh as he demonstrates how to create beautiful and unique signage using multiple materials using just one laser system. Learn the valuable tips and techniques that will allow you to offer your customers one of a kind signage that will keep them coming back to you for all their signage needs.

Using Lasers to Create Customized Apparel
Amie McGee
Thur at 2:00 PM
Fri at 1:00 PM
Sat at 11:30 AM
Experience how lasers can be used in place of traditional methods in creating unique customized apparel. Join Amie McGee, Director of Customer Service of Trotec Laser, Inc., as she demonstrates engraving and cutting of different fabrics such as fleece and denim. Learn how to utilize your laser system over traditional methods for quickly cutting out intricate multi-color appliques.

Over to You: We would love for you to join us at NBM Long Beach Aug 16-18, 2012, if you cannot make it out check out the last chance this year to see these great laser tutorials at NBM Philadelphia Sep 20-22, 2012! Click Here to Snag Free Passes to The NBM Show Long Beach!

See you there!

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