Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Introducing.... The Rayjet 300!

New Rayjet 300: 80 Watts is the New Standard

Whether you want to cut, engrave, or mark, the Rayjet 300 is a high quality laser system, easy to use, precise, fast, and reliable.

The Rayjet 300, built by Trotec Laser, the technology leader:
  • Ideal for professional engravers and first time laser buyers, regardless of the application. 
  • Easy to operate, Easy to finance, & Easy to maintain.
  • Offers the best possible return on investment for any laser in its class.
The Rayjet 300 has up to 80 watts of laser power, and a working area of 29" x 17"... Never before has 80 watts of power been this affordable! 

Learn more at or by calling 866-226-0701! 

Over to you: How will the affordability, power, and reliability of the Rayjet 300 Change the game for you?

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