Thursday, September 8, 2011

Tech Corner: Maintaining Spindles

Proper maintenance is key in maintaining the life of your laser. If you follow our simple maintenance techniques, your laser will be working for you for many years to come.

Today's maintenance tip if for the rayjet. In order to keep the table running smoothly we recommend regularly checking the spindles and cleaning them when necessary. Because certain applications (like rubber, wood, or acrylic) produce more dust and debris than others some rayjet owners may have to clean their laser more often. 

What you need:

Soft Cleaning Tissue

1. Inspect your spindles, if they're dirty like this spindle they will need to be cleaned.
2. Clean the spindles thoroughly with the silicone oil and soft cleaning tissue
3. Add silicone oil along the whole spindle

4. Add silicone oil on spindle nut

5. Admire your nice clean spindles!
  For more cleaning and maintenance tips, visit our other "Tech Corner" blogs our contact our Technical Support Department at 866-226-8505!

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