Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Job Time Calculator

The latest release of Trotec's laser software JobControl, version 9.4.2, includes our newest feature, Job Time Calculator! 

 Facilitates Planning! 

In an effort to improve your capabilities, work flow, and profit Trotec is continuously developing new tools for you and your laser. Our latest release of JobControl has one of my favorite... The Job Time Calculator.

Trotec's Job Time Calculator is a unique and practical tool which facilitates the planning of laser engraving, cutting, and marking job times. With this unique feature,  managing your orders will be easier than ever! 

How it Works... 

When the user selects a job file in JobContol the Job Time Calculator provides detailed information about the processing time. The forecasting tool takes into account the parameters of software and hardware, processing speed, positioning of the material, laser power, and several other unique aspect to develop a complex algorithm which calculates the processing time with the simple click of a button! If anything within the process changes, the Job Time Calculator automatically updates the forecasted processing time!

 Always an Eye on Time & Cost! 

From individual pieces to large series, Job Time Calculator makes success predictable by allowing you to efficiently plan production, keep time and cost in focus, and avoid downtime!

The Job Time Calculator is a standard feature that joins a variety of useful and intelligent features on the Job Control 9.4.2 Expert software... All designed to simplify your daily work.

We here at Trotec Laser, a leading laser manufacturer, guarantee we're always working hard at setting higher standards in every aspect, from our machines and software to customer service Trotec continues to adhere to our mission: making YOU successful!

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