Friday, July 10, 2009

Trotec's Going Green!

Here at Trotec Laser, Inc. we care about our environment! Which is why we would like help towards preserving natural resources for years to come! Join us in our fight to save our environment!

The Trotec team has taken active steps to help the environment. We have implemented a company wide recycling program to reduce our waste. We recycle paper, cans, plastics, and more. Here are some of the steps we are taken:

1) Include plastic, can, and glass recycling bins in the break room.
2) Include paper recycling bins in every office.
3) Reuse boxes and packing materials to ship parts.
4) Turn off lights in unoccupied rooms.
5) Turned the thermostat up to reduce energy use.
4) Power down computers, electric calculators, and other electronics nightly.
5) Ensure that our equipment meets and/or exceeds EPA standards!
6) Use biodegradable cleaning supplies.
6) Use real dishes instead of disposable products.

We would love to here about the steps you are taking too! Sharing ideas helps open minds and abilities to make a difference.

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