Friday, June 12, 2009

Seminar in CA!

SherTec, Inc, Southern California is pleased to announce a laser seminar in Orange County, Ca.
This seminar is a unique, one day class using a format that makes it easy to understand what lasers are, how they work and what they do to most materials. Emphasis is on the laser as a marking, engraving or cutting device using galvo and flatbed technology.

You will learn: a brief history of lasers, differences and explanations about the most popular lasers being used for manufacturing today including YAG, Vanadate, Fiber, CO2, Green and UV.
In addition to understanding the laser, you will also learn what each laser does to materials and how to mark, cut or engrave them whether you need to serialize your parts, mark a logo, provide a 2D code to satisfy UID requirements or if you are starting a business. If you already own a laser, you will learn tips and tricks plus much more!

For additional information, please feel free to call Gary Sheriff at (909) 518-6000.

Please register early to ensure your seat(s).

Thank you,
SherTec, Inc

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