Friday, February 13, 2009

Who is Trotec?

Who is Trotec Laser?
Trotec is a subsidiary of the Trodat Group, the world’s largest supplier of self-inking rubber stamps and related marking products. Trotec was originally organized to develop laser systems to meet the demanding needs of the rubber stamp industry. The equipment immediately gained acceptance among a much wider range of customers and is now installed in more than 50 specific industries addressing an even broader range of applications.
Since introducing our laser systems in 1998 Trotec has become one of the largest suppliers of engraving, marking and cutting systems in the world. Trotec offers the widest variety of laser systems with the most innovative designs and rugged construction with a strong personal commitment to customer service.
Trotec offers a diverse product line including CO2, Nd:YVO4 and Fiber lasers, with both flatbed and galvo options. Power levels ranging from 12 watts to 240 watts and work areas ranging from 24"x 12" up to 51"x 51" guarantee maximum value and productivity for each application.

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